ITI - Germany
German Centre Of The International Theatre Institute

Transparency International Deutschland

Name Zentrum Bundesrepublik Deutschland des Internationalen Theaterinstituts e.V.

Office Berlin

Address Mariannenplatz 2, D-10997 Berlin

Year of foundation 1955, in Bonn

Charter (PDF)

The ITI is a competence centre for international theatre work and acts as mediator in cultural policy matters for performing artists. It relies upon the international commitment of its members as well as of the cooperating institutions. Its activities are based on the objectives of UNESCO, the charter of the ITI world-wide network and the charter of the German centre. The ITI aims to strengthen the performing arts, to give a voice to the performing artists and to enhance the artistic exchange in the fields of theatre and dance – across all cultural, political, geographical and religious boundaries.

Date of the most recent tax notification 21.06.2017

Name and function of the essential decision-makers
President: Joachim Lux
Vice presidents: Dr. Bettina Sluzalek, Martine Dennewald
Board members: Matthias Gehrt, Barbara Kastner, Jan Linders, Barbara Mundel, Holger Schultze, Tobias Veit, Jörg Vorhaben, Karen Witthuhn.
Managing director: Dr. Thomas Engel

Annual report:   PDF 2017,  PDF 2018

Staff structure
Project manager: Michael Freundt, Malin Nagel, Christine Henniger
Secretariat: Annette Doffin
Finances: Kerstin Hefenbrock, Ingrid Beese (until 12/31 2018)
Project coordinator “Change of Scene”: Sigrid Hilmer
Press and public relations: Stefan Woll
Project coordinator Touring Artists, mobility, networks: Jana Grünewald
Manager Mime Centrum Berlin: Christine Henninger, Thilo Wittenbecher (until 12/31 2018)
Video studio: Maxim Wittenbecher
Studio 2, room management: Emanuela Pilloli
Web-development/IT administration: Martin Eisenbeiß
Assistance events and public relations, video studio:
Two employees in the context of internships or civil work

Source and use of funds

 PDF 2011
 PDF 2012
 PDF 2013
 PDF 2014
 PDF 2015
 PDF 2016
 PDF 2017

The public support for the German centre of the ITI exceeds 90% of the annual income and originates from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Cultural Foundation of the German Federal States and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin.

Corporate affiliation
Partner:  ITI - world organization in co-operation with a multitude of  partners